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Abhayagiriya in Anuradhapura - Sri Lanka Economy Tours

Abhayagiriya is one of the Buddhist monasteries in Anuradhapura. King Valagamba built it in the first century BC. Hence, this was perfectly performing monastery until eleventh century AD.

In fact, this is a perfectly designed monastery filled with various ancient arts.

Furthermore, this was an ancient university of Buddhists. Hence, this was a perfect place to study not only Theravada Buddhistm but also the Mahayana Buddhism.

History says that, there was around 5000 monks studies and lived here in Abhayagiriya monastery. In addition to that, this was destination of the Dalada parade in Anuradhapura. There was a Monastery of Buddhist Nuns attached to this and the name of it is Lankaramaya.

Tamil invasions from India to Anuradhapura, destroyed this place completely. Therefore, it ruined. Presently government archeological project started to conserve and rebuild this amazing place.

Places to Visit in Abhayagiriya Monastery

Every Buddhist monastery has some special functional places. Abhayagiriya also has several special functional places to visit.

First one and the most dominant one is the main stupa. This is the second largest stupa in Sri Lanka. First places goes to Jethavanaramaya and the third place is Ruwanveliseya Stupa. Hence, the diameter of the body of this stupa is 310 feet long. Moreover, the height of the stupa is 245 feet.

In addition to the main stupa, we can see some other small stupas here. One of those small stupas is INDIKATU SEYA. Another pilgrims place here is parapet wall of the Bodhi Tree. Moreover, the Rathnaprasada, Elephant Pond, Twin Ponds, and many more other ruins are there.

Special Arts Related to Abhayagiriya

As we said previously, Abhayagiriya monastery was a collection of arts. One of the most prominent arts is Abhayagiri Moonstone. In addition to Moonstone, we can see a world famous stone carving Avalokiteshwara statue here.

Most of the ancient arts and crafts found in archeological investigations, placed in a Museum. It is better to visit there, before visiting temple to get a knowledge about this amazing monastery architecture. Hence, you can get a good knowledge about where to go in the area.

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