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Journeys in Sri Lanka can be a challenge, but Lanka Tour Experts’ meticulous itinerary planning and extensive range of transport options, all adhering to professional health and safety standards, ensure you can enjoy your stay to the fullest. By far the most popular solution is to hire a car and driver, and we confidently assert that our team of Sri Lanka chauffeur-guides is the best in the country. We do not recommend driving in Sri Lanka unless you have experience driving in other South Asian countries.

For luxury travelers looking to reduce long journey times, helicopter transfers around Sri Lanka are an excellent solution. Sri Lanka is also home to some of the most beautiful train journeys in the world, offering breathtaking views and a unique travel experience. Additionally, opportunities for water transport are increasing every year, providing new ways to explore the island’s stunning coastline and inland waterways.

However you prefer to travel around Sri Lanka, Lanka Tour Experts has the perfect solution to make your journey memorable and stress-free.

Hire a Car and Driver in Sri Lanka

Traveling across Sri Lanka by car or minivan is the most convenient and comfortable way to explore the island’s rich culture, scenic landscapes, and vibrant cities. At Lanka Tour Experts, we provide a team of professional chauffeur-guides dedicated to ensuring your safety and comfort throughout your journey…

Discover Sri Lanka by Train

Exploring Sri Lanka by train is one of the most picturesque ways to see the country. The train routes pass through some of the most beautiful parts of the island, offering stunning views that are often inaccessible by road. The experience of traveling by train in Sri Lanka is not just about getting from…

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