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Experience the Best Chauffeur-Guides with Lanka Tour Experts

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Experience the Best Chauffeur-Guides with Lanka Tour Experts

Traveling across Sri Lanka by car or minivan is the most convenient and comfortable way to explore the island’s rich culture, scenic landscapes, and vibrant cities. At Lanka Tour Experts, we provide a team of professional chauffeur-guides dedicated to ensuring your safety and comfort throughout your journey.

Why Choose Lanka Tour Experts?

Hire a Car and Driver in Sri Lanka
Safety and Comfort:

Traveling in Sri Lanka can be a unique experience with its bustling traffic and diverse road conditions. Our drivers prioritize your safety and comfort, making sure you can relax and enjoy the ride.

Expert Local Knowledge:

Our chauffeur-guides are not only skilled drivers but also knowledgeable about Sri Lanka’s history, culture, and hidden gems. They can double up as your guide, enhancing your holiday experience with insights and stories about the places you visit.

Flexibility and Freedom:

With Lanka Tour Experts, you have the freedom to tailor your itinerary. Our drivers are flexible and accommodating, allowing you to explore Sri Lanka at your own pace.

Our Drivers’ Code of Conduct

Passenger Safety:
  • Drive responsibly and within speed limits.
  • Regularly service vehicles, with a focus on tire legality.
  • Conduct daily vehicle checks.
  • Fit seat belts in all vehicles except safari jeeps.
  • Avoid excessive driving hours.
  • Limit horn use and prefer light-horn communication.
  • No alcohol during working hours.
  • Take appropriate rest stops.
  • Only make or take essential mobile phone calls when the vehicle is stationary.
  • Carry a basic first aid kit and have basic first-aid knowledge.
  • Arrive at least 15 minutes before scheduled departure times.
  • Maintain a neat appearance and personal hygiene.
  • Provide a contact number where possible.
  • Be responsive to last-minute changes and client requests, ensuring flexibility without compromising safety.

Tips and Gifts

While tipping is not mandatory, we encourage our customers to offer tips or gifts for satisfactory services. A basic guideline is $15 or more per day. Tipping is especially appreciated on long tours when drivers are away from home for extended periods. However, our drivers must never request a tip or gift.

Itineraries and Flexibility

Our drivers should:
  • Arrive punctually and maintain good standards of appearance.
  • Discuss suitable starting times for each day’s itinerary and be flexible to last-minute changes.
  • Suggest interesting excursions while respecting clients’ decisions.

Purchases and Commission

We do not engage in the ‘commission culture’ that can lead travelers to receive bad advice. Drivers may earn commissions from some purchases by tourists, but this should be transparent and only from places they believe to be of good quality.

  • Recommend only quality places.
  • Be honest if asked about commissions or ownership connections.
  • Ensure clients have necessary receipts and contact numbers for any purchases.

Additional Support

Our drivers assist with:
  • Acting as a liaison between clients and Lanka Tour Experts agents in case of issues.
  • Offering advice on minor problems.
  • Assisting with hotel check-ins and check-outs.
  • Advising on newly-discovered or changed hotels.

Relationship with Fellow Passengers

Drivers and passengers should develop a mutually respectful relationship. Passengers should communicate any concerns immediately, and drivers should respect passengers’ wishes for quiet times or concerns about driving speed.

Our Vehicles

Lanka Tour Experts offers a diverse fleet, regularly serviced to ensure safety and comfort. We provide:

  • Cars: Ideal for 2-3 people, perfect for small groups or couples.
  • Mini-vans: Suitable for 4-6 people, providing ample space for families or larger groups.
  • Minibuses and Coaches: Offering added comfort and style, perfect for navigating Sri Lanka’s diverse landscapes with larger groups.

Luxury vehicles are also available upon request. Our customer feedback highlights the high regard our drivers receive, ensuring your holiday in Sri Lanka is extra special with Lanka Tour Experts.

Our Drivers

Lanka Tour Experts Driver Chama

Licensed Chauffeur

Car | 03 pax | Van | 05 pax

Chama is one of our top-rated drivers and a crucial member of Lanka Tour Experts as a manager and co-founder. His passion for travel and over 15 years of experience make him highly sought after, often due to recommendations from past clients. Known for his attention to detail and safety, Chama’s background in hospitality ensures a comfortable and enjoyable journey. Fluent in English and knowledgeable about Sri Lankan history and culture, he also serves as an informative tour guide for specific tours.

Driver Roshan - Lanka Tour Experts
Roshan K. Jayasooriya

Licensed Chauffeur

Car | 03 pax

Roshan is one of our exceptional drivers, known for his kindness and attentiveness. He enhances every trip with his warm hospitality. Fluent in English and also speaking Korean, Roshan’s dedication and care ensure every journey is memorable and enjoyable. In his free time, he enjoys exploring new destinations and sharing hidden gems with his guests.

Buddika - Driver - Lanka Tour Experts

Licensed Chauffeur

Van | 05 pax

Buddika, with over 25 years in the tourism industry, is one of our most seasoned drivers. His extensive experience and deep knowledge of Sri Lanka ensure that every journey is safe and enjoyable.

Driver Supun - Lanka Tour Experts
Supun Akalanka

Licensed Chauffeur

Car | 03 pax

Supun, a former sailor, brings a unique perspective to his role, celebrated for his professionalism and courteous nature, always going the extra mile to provide a comfortable and memorable experience.

Driver Dimuthu - LAnka Tour Experts
Dimuthu Eranga


Car | 03 pax

Dimuthu is one of our outstanding drivers, known for his patience and flexibility. He ensures that every journey is smooth and adapts to any changes with ease. Dimuthu also shares his extensive knowledge of Sri Lankan culture and history, guiding travelers through the country’s fascinating temples and sites.

Driver Viduranga - Lanka Tour Experts
Viduranga Kusal

Licensed Chauffeur

Car | 03 pax

Viduranga stands out for his reliability and attention to detail, dedicated to handling every aspect of the trip with utmost care.

Driver Prabath - Lanka Tour Experts
Prabath Ruwan


Car | 03 pax

Prabath is appreciated for his patience and flexibility, adept at adapting to guests’ needs and preferences to ensure a smooth and pleasant travel experience. He is multilingual, managing conversations in Tamil, Hindi, Arabic, and English, which enhances his ability to connect with a diverse range of guests.

Driver Ishan - Lanka Tour Experts
Ishan Menuwara


Car | 03 pax | Van | 05 pax

Ishan, formerly an accountant, is known for his friendly attitude and extensive knowledge of local attractions, ensuring every journey is informative and enjoyable.

Driver Jackey - Lanka Tour Experts

Licensed Chauffeur

Car | 03 pax

Jacky is our most experienced driver, with over 25 years of service. Known for his exceptional hospitality, he treats guests like family and never says no to any request, ensuring top-notch service throughout the tour. Jacky’s dedication and friendly nature make him a beloved guide for all travelers.

By choosing Lanka Tour Experts, you ensure a safe, comfortable, and enriching travel experience across Sri Lanka. Let us handle the driving while you focus on enjoying the beauty and culture of this incredible island.

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