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This will describe you about the Kandy City Tour. Kandy is in the Central Province of Sri Lanka. Especially this is the last Kingdom of Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan last king ruled in this place. A visitor can visit several special places here during the Kandy City Tour. Similarly this is like a day tour of Kandy. Anyway, we will now explain you about Kandy city places you visit during this memorable journey.

Kandy Lake

Kandy Lake is one of the iconic places in the city. During the Kandy city tour you will visit this place. According to the history, King Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe built this artificial lake in 1807 AD. If you visit this place, you can identify several structures in and around this lake.

One of those structures is Queens Bathing Pavilion. This is a covered place and used for bathing of queens. The other structure is the cloud wall. Hence this is a parapet wall and not completed. Why we say that the wall does not cover the full round of the Lake. There is a story behind this. At the end of the kings ruling time English invaders caught the king and taken to custody. Consequently he could not complete the construction of this parapet wall. That’s why we see only a half of the finished wall.

The third structure is the small island in the middle of the Lake. King named this island as “Jayathilake Mandapa”. History says, there was a secret tunnel connecting this island and the main palace. Hence the king uses this tunnel to visit the island for leisure.

English Market

In the era of English ruling, they started a market place in this city of Kandy. During this Kandy city tour you will also visit this place. Hence the prices are very reasonable and availability of fresh items, large number of people visit this place. English market is a great place to do a spot shopping. A visitor can find vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, dried fish, dairy, clothes, leather, spices, sweets, toys, etc. easily here.

Old Bogambara Prison

Construction of Old Bogambara Prison finished in 1876. Formerly this was a 13-acre area and was the second largest prison of Sri Lanka. Nowadays, the prison closed and transferred to Pallekele.

Tours cover Kandy City

Here we are showing some Kandy City visiting tour itineraries below. If you like to visit Kandy City on any other tour in Sri Lanka we can arrange a customize tour for you.

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