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Lovamahapaya in Anuradhapura Sri Lanka Economy Tours

Lovamahapaya is the POHOYA house of MAHA VIHARA monastery in Anuradhapura. Hence, this is an ancient building. King Dutugemunu donated this for the Buddhist monks during his ruling period. In addition to that, the Lovamahapaya is a copper structure, and the roof covering with clay tiles.

More Facts about Lovamahapaya

Lovamahapaya is in between the Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi Tree and the Ruwanveliseya stupa. According to the historical data, this was a nine-storied building and every step had 100 rooms.

In addition to that, according to the world history, no any evidence of storied building found in regarding to this period.

Furthermore, this is an absolute square design. One-side lengthens 400 feet (120 meters). In addition to that, the stone posts are in 40 rows and 40 posts per row. Moreover, every stone post is in same height. History said that it spent six years to build this amazing structure.

History of Lovamahapaya Monastery Building

History of the Lovamahapaya is backed to 161 – 137 BC, to the ruling period of before said king Dutugemunu. Mahawamsa said that, King Dutugemunu built this monastery POHOYA HOUSE according to a soothsaying of Late Venerable Arhat Mahinda Thero. Venerable Arhat Mahinda Thero is the person who brought Buddhism to Sri Lanka as per the writings of Mahawamsa.

History proves that builders used thousands of stone posts to build this giant structure. Furthermore, history says that, a fire from a lamp destroyed this building during the ruling period of King Saddhathissa. He was the younger brother of King Dutugemunu. It was in 137-119 BC and again King Second Sirinage built this Lovamahapaya again as a five-storied building.

After that, during the period of King Mahasen, a group of Buddhist enemies destroyed this building. It was in 739 AD. After that, King Kitsirimevan built this again as a seven-storied building in 301-328 AD.

Finally, King Maha Perakum repaired the building and ruins seeing today are the remains of this repair. He ruled the country in twelfth century AD.

Present situation of the Lovamahapaya

Over 1600 stone posts of Lovamahapaya are remaining today. Presently seeing building is a newer building. Present Buddhist monks still doing POHOYA prays here on full moon days.

Tours cover Lovamahapaya in Anuradhapura

Here we are showing some Lovamahapaya visiting tour itineraries below. If you like to visit Lovamahapaya on any other tour in Sri Lanka we can arrange a customize tour for you.

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