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Hindus say Sri Muthumariamman Temple to this famous Matale Hindu Temple. And also they believe Muthumariamman is the goddess for the rain. In Tamil language they say “Muthu” to pearls, “Mari” to rain and “Amman” to the goddess. Furthermore Hindu people worship this goddess for prosperity. Hinduism came to Sri Lanka from India. Most of the times they located on the lands of English cultivators. English cultivators brought the Tamils from India to cultivate their lands. After that Tamil people resided on the upcountry lands. Their religion is Hinduism. Therefore they built Hindu Temples to worship. So, the story of the Matale Hindu Temple is the same.

Specifications of Matale Hindu Temple

Matale Hindu Temple was built in 1874. Previously the land was a paddy field. After that the owner donated this land to build the temple in 1852. In 1983 an ethnic conflict in the area severely damaged to temple. Anyway in the present it is well build. There is a special wedding hall there to take the wedding of nearby Hindu people.

Other Specifications

Festival season of the Matale Hindu Temple is very colorful. If you need to watch the festival you have to visit there during February and March. Furthermore the festival is full of dancing and traditional music.

Tours cover Matale Hindu Temple

Here we are showing some Matale Hindu Temple visiting tour itineraries below. If you like to visit Matale Hindu Temple on any other tour in Sri Lanka we can arrange a customize tour for you.

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