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Nilaveli Beach Trincomalee

Nilaveli is a coastal suburb area near Trincomalee. You have to drive about 16 kilometers towards north-west to meet this enormous beach. Furthermore, this beach and the area is historically important too. Most of the population in this area is Tamils. Nilaveli is a famous tourist destination in Sri Lanka.

Visitors reduced in number in the past during the civil war but now it is highly growing because of the finishing of the civil war and peaceful situation. In addition to the Nilaveli Beach, a visitor is able to visit the nearby Pigeon Island National Park, which is only 1km ahead from the beach.

Uppuveli is also a crowded popular beach near to this location in Trincomalee. Nilaveli is a lovely long beach to walk along.

How to Reach Nilaveli Beach

A traveler in Trincomalee has to travel to North to reach Nilaveli. Nilaveli is a sub urban village. It is 14.5 kilometers from Trincomalee city to Nilaveli beach. Furthermore, this is a wide sandy beach.

Nilaveli Beach Hotels

There are many hotels, lodging for accommodation in and around this area. There are few 3-5 star classed near-the-beach hotels in this area too. In fact, Anilana Nilaveli, Pigeon Island Beach Resort, Jungle Beach by Uga Escapes, Nilaveli Beach Hotel and High Park Hotel are some of the best hotels in this area.

Activities and Tourist Destinations nearby Nilaveli Beach

A person, who visits Nilaveli Beach, is able to do some activities in nearby area and some places to visit.

Pigeon Island National Park is the one of most attractive places in the area. This is an island. In fact, a visitor has to travel by a boat about 1 kilometer from the coast to reach this beautiful island. This island is a home for many bird species. In addition to that, this is an attractive tourist area with a wide sandy beach with a bay inside.

Furthermore, a visitor to Nilaveli is able to dive to watch sharks with an experienced guiding diver. The coral reef around this island is one of the most attractive scenes in this area. A visitor is able to see the natural corals clearly in daytime because of the crystal-clear water.

In addition to a beach experience, a visitor can travel to Koneshwaram Hindu Temple, Fort Fredrick, Kanniya hot water springs, Trincomalee harbor and many more nearby travel destinations.

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