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Polonnaruwa Ancient City Sri Lanka Economy Tours

Polonnaruwa is the second ancient kindgom of the Sri Lankan history. Most of the people do not know about the new town is the Kaduruwela town. Polonnaruwa is the ancient city.

Kaduruwela has no tourist value. This is the commercial city. If you want to visit ancient ruins, you have to visit the old city.

Ancient city covered 3,293 square kilometers. This town situated in North Central Province of Sri Lanka. This amazing town is a World Heritage Site. See : Cultural triangle Sri Lanka

History of Polonnaruwa Ancient City

After losing Anuradhapura kingdom Sri Lankan kings transferred to this new kingdom. King Vijayabahu I, was the first king of this ancient kingdom. In fact he rescued it from Indian invasion. It was the year 1070 as records say. However, the named “Hero of Polonnaruwa” is King Parakramabahu I. Most of the ruins presently remaining, belongs to his era.

In particular, King Parakramabahu I, made Parakrama Samudra tank and said, “Do not let even one drop of water to go to sea without using”. The largest tank he builds is Parakrama Samudraya tank. Furthermore, he made a total irrigation system to water the area.

Meanwhile the Indian invasion arose again in 1214 and Sri Lankan kings lost the the Kingdom. Then they were flew to Dambadeniya and built a kingdom there.

Polonnaruwa Ancient City Structure

Ancient Polonnaruwa city had divided into 3 main areas. For instance the inner city where the king lived. Second is the outer city, where the nearby structures situated. Last one is the residential area. In other words, this was the location for farming, housing and sub towns.

The largest lake, Parakrama Samudraya lake supplied water for 20,000 acres of farm lands. Parakrama lake is about 2500 hectares in area.

Ancient Ruins of Polonnaruwa Kingdom

Main structure we can see in the inner city of ancient Polonnaruwa is the King’s Palace (Vaijayanth Prasada). This was 7 steps eventually but remains only 3 steps at the present. At that time there was 16 rooms inside the palace.

In addition to kings palace there are lot of ruins still remaining in the ancient city. Moreover, we can identify two main cultures, Buddhist and Hindu. Here we describe some of the special tourist locations.

Gal Vihara

Gal Vihara is a Buddhist temple. King Parakramabahu i built this in 12th century. During the Colonial period, some Englishmen like Lieutenant Fagan, Samuel Baker, J.W. Birch and photographer R.W. Steward, also reported this sight. We can see three types of Buddha statues here. Sitting, laying and standing statues, eventually remaining.

Watada Geya

Watadageya is a structure build to cover a stupa. According to the Archeologist Professor H.C.P. Bell, this is the most valueable Watadageya in Sri Lanka.

In fact, constructors used thirty two stone posts to build this structure. Nevertheless, we can see all those thirty two stone posts; we can see those stone posts installed in four rounds. In addition to that we can see four Samadhi Buddha Statues, sitting and facing four main directions.

In addition to those places, you can visit Historical Assembly Hall, Sathmahal Prasada, Rankoth stupa, Hetadage, Parakramabahu statue and many other tourist sites here.

Tours cover Polonnaruwa Ancient City

Here we are showing some Polonnaruwa Ancient City visiting tour itineraries below. If you like to visit Polonnaruwa Ancient City on any other tour in Sri Lanka we can arrange a customize tour for you.

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