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Ramboda Water Falls Sri Lanka Economy Tours

Nature gives number of beautiful resources to Sri Lanka. Fresh Water Rivers are one of the main resources. All of these rivers starts their journeys to the sea from upcountry hills. While these rivers flow down to the lower lands they make beautiful waterfalls. These waterfalls boosting the lovable nature up with the attractions of tourists. Ramboda falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Sri Lanka. And the Panna Oya forms this beautiful nature resource.

Facts about the Ramboda Falls

Ramboda falls is the eleventh highest waterfall in Sri Lanka. It is with 109m height. We find this waterfalls in the area of Pussellawa of Nuwara Eliya district. Ramboda waterfalls is a two stair waterfall. Actually this waterfall contains three sections. One part is over the bridge of the main road and the other two parts are below the road.

Interesting Facts about the Ramboda Falls

You can climb up to the top of this waterfall. There you will find a natural pool. Additionally you can swim on this natural pool during the low water seasons. The waterfall is more beautiful in the rainy seasons but you cannot reach close. You can see the waterfall these days from the view point created on the foot path road. This view point is the best point to see the most beautiful lower part of the Ramboda falls waterfall.

To see the upper part of the Ramboda falls you have to climb a little bit of difficult footpath from the road. A visitor can get a side view of the lower part of the waterfall from the road but if you need to get a full view you have to climb down. This is attractive and call the Ramboda basin.

Ramboda Falls Hotel

If you need to stay with a magnificent view of the Ramboda falls you can book a hotel in the Ramboda basin. Ramboda falls hotel is one of the best places to stay with a full of relaxation with a nice view of waterfall.

Tours cover Ramboda Falls

Here we are showing some Ramboda Falls visiting tour itineraries below. If you like to visit Ramboda Falls any other tour in Sri Lanka we can arrange a customize tour for you.

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