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Sri Lankan traditional dancing varies on the place of origin. As an example upcountry dancing, low country dancing and mid country dancing are the main three schools of thought. Focusing on the style these three dancing are different each other. As professionals believe, Sri Lankan Traditional Dance originates from the indigenous people of Sri Lanka. In addition to those traditional methods, Sri Lanka also has many styles of dancing.

Nowadays dancing is becoming entertainment based. Nevertheless Sri Lankan traditional dancing held some society purpose, such as healing, worshiping, dramatic, etc. Although Sri Lankan cultural dancing also mixed with Indian tradition. It is because the invasion of Indian culture here with the people of India.

Kandyan Dancing

Kandyan dancing is the upcountry dancing. Kandyan dancing costume is pretty different from other traditional dancing costumes. The main drum of Kandyan dance is “Geta Bera”. Kandyan dance has five distinct types namely “Ves”, “Naiyandi”, “Uddekki”, “Pantheru” and “Vannam”.

The “Ves” dancing comes with an ancient worshiping custom. This type of dancing is only a male dancing. You can see this kind of original dancing in the Kandy Parade in front of the main tusker, holding the worshiping relics. This is the most beautiful dancing style. Furthermore it has many acrobatic stances.

Tours cover Traditional Kandyan Dancing Show

Here we are showing some Kandyan Dancing Show visiting tour itineraries below. If you like to visit Kandyan Dancing Show on any other tour in Sri Lanka we can arrange a customize tour for you.

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