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Yala National Park is the second largest National park in Sri Lanka. The Largest National Park of Sri Lanka is the Wilpattu National Park. Moreover, this is one of the two oldest National Parks in Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan Government separates a large area in South East for the entire park. Total area of the park is 979 square kilometers. However, you have to remember that only 141 square kilometers area open to public. Entire Park has five blocks. Only two of them are public. North, North West, West and North East of the park is in the Monaragala District. South, South West, South East and East parts of the Park is in Hambantota District. From South to East ends of the Park is facing the East Coast of Sri Lanka.

History of Yala National Park

As we said earlier, Yala National Park is one of the two oldest National Parks in Sri Lanka. The date of the first nomenclature was February 25, 1983. From 1900, during British era Yala was a chase land. Therefore, it was very popular in those days too. After understanding the importance of this, English government named the area as a sanctuary in 1908.

In February 25, 1983 they divided this area to 5 blocks and named first block as a National Park. First block is about 54 square kilometers in size. Sri Lankan Government added the second block to the Yala National Park in 1954. This block is about 38 square kilometers in size. The most biggest block is the third block. Government added this block to the Park in 1967. And eventually they added fourth and fifth blocks to the Yala National Park in 1969 and 1973. The fifth one is the smallest block and it is about 25 square kilometers. The fourth one is the second largest block and it is about 102 square kilometers in size.

Physical Features of Yala National Park

Most of the areas of the Park are plains. In addition to that it has some coastal areas, springs, rivers and scrub lands. We can see some rocks among those scrub lands. Wildlife population of the Park is high. Moreover, we can find large number of lakes inside the Park. In addition to the lakes, we can find three lagoons here. There is a 500-700 millimeters annual rainfall. Rainy season is January to April. Most popular rivers in this special land are Menik River and the Kumbukkan Oya. Menik River is the nearest river to the popular Kataragama pilgrimage site. The nearest entry point of Yala National Park is Tissamaharama.

Wildlife in Yala National Park

Yala National Park has a high bio-diversity. We can find various species of animals here. For instance, we can find mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians and many other fauna types. There are 42 species of mammals reported in Yala. Leopard, elephant, Lankan sloth bear, sambur deer, deer, wild water buffalo, toque macaque, golden palm civet, red slender loris, fishing cat are some of the mammals in Yala. 47 species of reptiles live in the Park including two species of crocodiles.

Tours cover Yala National Park

Here we are showing some Yala National Park visiting tour itineraries below. If you like to visit Yala National Park on any other tour in Sri Lanka we can arrange a customize tour for you.

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