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Ecotourism Activities in Sri Lanka

October 16, 2018
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Before discussing about the ecotourism activities in Sri Lanka we have to take a look around what this ecotourism is. Ecotourism is a newly introduced tourism trending in the world. Travel with nature is the main method.

Most of the tourists presently love to live with nature because of they are nature lovers. They likely to hang around with trees, water, wildlife and indigenous societies. Therefore every tourism country is trending to form new tours around forest reservoirs, wildlife sanctuaries and indigenous societies.

Most of the ecotourism combined with activity based tourism. Ecotourism activities are differ from country to country because of the nature and the culture.

Ecotourism in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka also combine with the new trend of ecotourism. First of all we have to find what the features are in Sri Lanka, help to develop ecotourism. As we know Sri Lanka is an island. We have nice beaches around us. And also we have a good tropical climate, a huge biodiversity, broad ethnic diversity and wide cultural diversity. So, we have resources.

Imagine that a visitor to Sri Lanka like to accommodate in a tree house and go for a tropical mountain hiking and a long trekking or cycling experience to explore traditions and culture. Yes! Of course, we have resources to provide them their taste. So, let’s look at the availability of ecotourism activities in Sri Lanka.

Available Ecotourism Activities in Sri Lanka

Nowadays Sri Lanka has plenty of Eco Lodges. Eco lodges are built inside of the nature without doing a minimum damage to the natural taste. Those are look like tree houses. Sri Lanka also provide tourism to indigenous societies like Veddahs. Cultural tourism is one of the other trend in Sri Lanka. Tourists like to stay with traditional people and learn their lifestyle like cooking. Most of the ecotourism activities in Sri Lanka based on some kind of society. Visitors can have a mixed experience in ecotourism, like trekking, cycling or carting to a distance village and learn their tradition, live in a cottage or village house. Therefore ecotourism of Sri Lanka is combined with the community based tourism.

Wildlife tourism is one of the ecotourism trends in Sri Lanka. Wildlife safaris on national parks and camping on nature are amazing ecotourism experiences here. Farming and agro tourism is the other newest ecotourism activity in Sri Lanka. Agricultural farming is one of the major space in Sri Lankan economy. Tea plantations, Rubber plantations, coconut plantations and other vegetable, fruit framing are the products of agriculture in Sri Lanka.
Finally, the missing, village walks, rain forest exploration like Sinharaja Rain Forest Tours, Kanneliya tours, bird watching, whale watching, cycling, etc. can be introduced as the other ecotourism activities in Sri Lanka.

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