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Top 5 Sri Lankan Beaches That You Have To Visit

October 16, 2018
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Sri Lanka is an island. Therefore we always breathe fresh air, washing the sea breeze. Sri Lankan tourism basically created on Sri Lankan beaches. Most of the foreign visitors even nowadays like to stay on beach. Not only Sri Lanka but also other island countries like Marley developed their tourism based on beaches.

But now Sri Lankan beaches tourism changing slowly to other areas with some of the new trends like ecotourism. So, I want to introduce you today about the top 5 Sri Lankan beaches.

Unawatuna Beach Sri Lanka

Unawatuna is the most primitive beaches in Sri Lanka. And it also a prominent among other Sri Lankan beaches. Tourists can get an amazing experience with the placid waters and the special jungle beach. And also the community based on tourism in this area gives a great help to any visitor who travel Unawatuna Beach Sri Lanka. A visitor also can enjoy some legendary stories wrap around this beautiful place. And also you have some activities here, like scuba diving, snorkeling, etc.

Bentota Beach Sri Lanka

If a visitor looks for a relaxation beach stay tour in Sri Lanka with luxurious hotel facilities, should go to Bentota Beach. Comparing to other Sri Lankan beaches this is less crowded. A visitor can have some experience with water skiing and canoeing here.

Mirissa Beach Sri Lanka

Mirissa beach is one of the best surfing point in Sri Lanka. A visitor can have a memorable experience with whales and dolphins here. Whale watching is one of the famous activities in Mirissa beach. Mirissa beach is one of the most crowded beaches in Sri Lanka during whole year.

Nilaweli Beach Sri Lanka

Nilaweli is a broad, placid beach. Visitor can walk towards the sea long distance from the shore. Not only the beach a visitor can have a memorable experience in nearby Pigeon Island. Around this island you can see sharks with a short diving.

Arugam Bay Beach Sri Lanka

Arugam bay is the best surfing point in Sri Lanka. Therefore surf-lovers never miss this place. If you like to arrange a tour to Arugam Bay beach you also can have some ecotourism experiences like wildlife safaris and bird watching safaris.

Snorkeling in Bentota

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