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Agriculture of Sri Lanka is full filling its thirst from many water reservoirs, lakes and tanks. Kandalama is one of the reservoir located nearby Sigiriya Lion Rock. Sri Lanka Department of Irrigation created the Kandalama reservoir during 1952 to 1957. Kandalama Reservoir is a tribute of Kala Wewa Lake and along feeds from Mirisgoni Oya River.

Dam of the Kandalama Reservoir

Sri Lanka Department of Irrigation built the dam of Kandalama to supply water to the expected areas such distance as Kekirawa. Although the Dam is 21m high at the highest position. And it is 1.6km wide.

Area of the Kandalama Reservior

Water Reservoir is wide 2.3km in its widest place and 4.8km in its longest length. Most of the tourists attract here because of the scenic beauty of the reservoir. And also a visitor can get luxury accommodation at nearby Kandalama Hotel.

Tours cover Kandalama Reservoir

Here we are showing some Kandalama Reservoir visiting tour itineraries below. If you like to visit Kandalama Reservoir on any other tour in Sri Lanka we can arrange a customize tour for you.

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