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Sigiriya Sri Lanka the Lion Rock Fortress

Sri Lanka has many tourist locations. Among those locations Sigiriya Sri Lanka is the best place a visitor can explore. In addition to the historical importance, Sigiriya is a little bit of adventure. Why I am saying that climbing Sigiriya is an adventurous task.

History of Sigiriya Lion Rock

Archeologists believe, Sigiriya Lion Rock Fortress is a creation of King Kashyapa. Therefore we can assume it manufactured in fourth century BC. Nevertheless, there is another story about Sigiriya Lion Rock. It is connected with the King Ravana. Due to its importance Sigiriya Sri Lanka is presently a UNESCO world heritage site.

Sigiriya Lion Rock Ruins

Sigiriya is full of ruins. Therefore a visitor might spend a long time there. Most of the ruins of Sigiriya spread around the rock. There are some gardens, canals, buildings, walls, fountains, and springs among those surroundings. On the top of the Sigiriya Lion Rock a visitor can explore some ruins of an ancient palace. Some of the archeologists say this palace belongs to King Kashshyapa. Nevertheless, other archeologists believe the palace belongs to ancient King Ravana. Anyway, the ruins are wonderful and attractive with its proven historical prosperity and technology.

Sigiriya Frescos

Most of the people come to Sigiriya Lion Rock to see the Sigiriya Frescos. These fresco arts are unique and unbelievable. Nevertheless any evidence found who are they and why the artist draw them, the flowers handling women in those frescos are amazing.

Tours cover Sigiriya Lion Rock Fortress

Here we are showing some Sigiriya Lion Rock Fortress visiting tour itineraries below. If you like to visit Lion Sigiriya Rock Fortress on any other tour in Sri Lanka we can arrange a customize tour for you.

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