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The Architecture of Ambuluwawa Tower

Climbing Ambuluwawa Tower: Stunning Views for the Brave

The top of Ambuluwawa Tower offers incredible panoramic views, although mist can sometimes block them. When the mist clears, the view can be scary for people afraid of heights, but the hike itself is safe and easy. Be careful at the top, especially if afraid of heights, and avoid leaning on the railing for photos [...]
Ella Rock Sunrise Hike

Hiking Ella Rock in Sri Lanka: The Comprehensive Guide

Nestled in the heart of Sri Lanka’s lush landscapes, Ella Rock stands as a beacon for adventurers and nature lovers. This comprehensive guide aims to take you through the enchanting journey of hiking Ella Rock, a trek that promises breathtaking views and a thrilling experience. The Allure of Ella Rock Ella Rock, located near the [...]
Kitulgala Water Rafting: A Guide for Adventure Seekers

Kitulgala Water Rafting: A Guide for Adventure Seekers

Kitulgala Water Rafting is a popular activity in the small town of Kitulgala, Sri Lanka. The Kelani River, which flows through the town, is one of the best rafting rivers in the world. It offers a variety of rapids, from beginner to expert, making it a great destination for people of all skill levels. Why [...]
Adams Peak Sri Lanka

Little Adam’s Peak Mountain Trekking

Little Adam's Peak, do you know why this name? The name 'little' goes to imagine the size. It is small. And the Adam's Peak is a sacred mountain in Sri Lanka. Both mountains are same in its shape. But the "Little Adam's Peak" is smaller than the original sacred Adam's Peak. However, it is beautiful. [...]
Pidurangala Rock Hiking

Pidurangala Rock Hiking

Presently, lot of visitors love some adventure. Therefore they climb Pidurangala Rock. Pidurangala Rock hiking is a little bit of adventure. You will love to hike with nature and culture here. Pidurangala Rock Pidurangala Rock is also an ancient temple site. Therefore we can see some of the Buddhist temple ruins on the way to [...]
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