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Little Adam’s Peak, do you know why this name? The name ‘little’ goes to imagine the size. It is small. And the Adam’s Peak is a sacred mountain in Sri Lanka. Both mountains are same in its shape. But the “Little Adam’s Peak” is smaller than the original sacred Adam’s Peak. However, it is beautiful.

Reach Little Adam’s Peak

Reaching the location is a little bit of trekking. The best time to visit there is the morning. If you can visit there early in the morning you can see so many beautiful sceneries. Trekking along the foot path laid through tea plantations and rocks is an amazing experience. You will meet some tea pluckers and local workers along the way to Little Adam’s Peak.

A Little about the Place

Geographical records say that the height is approximately 1141m from the sea level. A visitor can reach to the top of the mountain within 30 to 50 minute walk along the foot paths. On the top of the mountain you will get an experience of 360-degree panoramic view. And you may enjoy the distance view of the Ella Gap.

Nearby Tourist Locations

Ella has some interesting tourist locations. You can visit to view the Ella Gap, Ella Rock, Nine Arches Bridge and Ravana Falls.

Tours cover Little Adam’s Peak

Here we are showing some Little Adam’s Peak visiting tour itineraries below. If you like to visit Little Adam’s Peak on any other tour in Sri Lanka we can arrange a customize tour for you.

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