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Sri Lanka is famous with some kinds of facts. Nature is one fact among those. Waterfalls flower the natural beauty of Sri Lanka. Most of the tourists attract to Sri Lankan waterfalls. Ravana falls is one of the flowering waterfalls in Sri Lanka. Furthermore Ravana falls has its own legendary stories hiding behind her.

Ravana Falls Legend

Legend behind the area of Ravana Falls is about the Ravana and Sits. Sits was the wife of the king Rama in India. And she was beautiful. Ramayana says Ravana kidnapped Sits and bring to Sri Lanka. Ravana hide her in this area. Therefore this waterfall got its name.

Ravana Falls Facts

Ravana falls is approximately 25m high. People nearby say, waterfall is like a blooming Areca flower, when she has full of water. Furthermore, it is one of the widest waterfalls in Sri Lanka. This waterfall is very beautiful in rainy season but very dangerous.

This is a three tier waterfall. Likewise it creates some stone pools in the middle of the falls. And you can reach to those pools, climbing beside of the waterfall. Swimming in those small rock pools will be a nice experience. However it is dangerous in some seasons because a sudden water level increment may arise. So, if you want to get such experience you have to contact a villager for your safety. However, we advise you not to climb up above the first tier. Even if you climb there you have to keep in touch of any water level increment. If you want to climb up please read the warning signs fixed in the bottom entry point.

Nearby Tourist Locations to Ravana Falls

Ella is the nearby town. You can reach here in just 10-minute drive from Ella. So, nearby tourist locations are Ella Rock, Little Adam’s Peak and Nine Arches Bridge. If you like to stay in this area you can find an accommodation at Ella.

Tours cover Ravana Falls

Here we are showing some Ravana Falls visiting tour itineraries below. If you like to visit Ravana Falls on any other tour in Sri Lanka we can arrange a customize tour for you.

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