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Nine Arches Bridge is one of the most picturesque structures build in the upcountry rail track. In the era of English ruling in Sri Lanka, they built the railway lines. The utmost part of this project was the upcountry rail track. English cultivators who came to Sri Lanka was established in the upcountry. They loved this amazing lands because of the ease of growing coffee and tea. But they faced big problems in transporting the crop to the Colombo to export. They experienced late transport and robberies on the way to such a long distance because the roads facility was very poor. Therefore they built the railway track to transport the crops to Colombo.

Story of the Nine Arches Bridge Construction

However they faced greater problems on constructions of the rail track. But they did it with the help of the local people. One example for this kind of local knowledge came forward is the Nine Arches Bridge. Mr. P.K. Appuhami was a Ceylonese builder who worked combined with the English engineers. He was a very brave and talented person. During the construction of upcountry rail track, engineers faced a big issue on constructing the rail track between Demodara and Ella. Main engineer of the project was Mr. D.J. Wimalasurendra.

When they try to build the rail track between Ella and Demodara they faced a big problem. They should have to join two rocks together and form a bridge. But this bridge should be a curved one. According the requested height and the curve they stuck there. Here, our famous builder Mr. P.K. Appuhami came forward. He showed them his concept. Therefore English engineers decided to give him the job. So, if was 1941 and he made it success. It is the presently seeing Nine Arches Bridge.

Facts of the Bridge and the Surrounding

This bridge is 24m high and 91m in length. Nine number of arches gives the picturesque view to this bridge. You can reach to the top of the bridge along the rail road or to the bottom of the bridge walking down through tea plantation. You will love this sight. This is one of the main sights in Ella, like the Ravana falls and Little Adam’s Peak. You are able to reach there by the train (Kandy to Ella train journey). But trains of this track will not come to the time and should be hour or two hours late due to the hard weather.

Anyway this is one of the most beautiful places in the upcountry railway track. You can get memorable photographs on and under the bridge. I’m sure you may wonder this engineering.

Tours cover Nine Arches Bridge in Ella

Here we are showing some Nine Arches Bridge visiting tour itineraries below. If you like to visit Nine Arches Bridge on any other tour in Sri Lanka we can arrange a customize tour for you.

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