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Peradeniya Royal Botanical Garden is situated near Kandy. A traveler have to travel there by a vehicle or by bus. Visitor have to travel approximately 5.6 km from Kandy city to reach Peradeniya Park. Kandy botanical garden is situated near the Mahaweli River. This nice land was first used as a garden by the king Wickramabahu III. It was the year 1371 A.D. From there the land was slowly developed as this tremendous flower garden in Peradeniya.
Peradeniya flower garden covers 147 acres.

A visitor can have a magical experience of discovering above 4000 species of flora here in Kandy botanical gardens. All species are labeled with their botanical names, native names and English names. Peradeniya Royal Botanical Garden is maintained by the Department of Agriculture Sri Lanka. About 2 million visitors reach this Peradeniya Park every year. Visitors can walk along the pathways of this Peradeniya Park and it is also a better trekking experience.

Lanes and Avenues of Peradeniya Royal Botanical Garden

Peradeniya Royal Botanical Garden is the main botanical garden in Sri Lanka. Visitors can walk along several avenues inside this park. Those are, The Classical Avenue, Cook’s Pine Avenue, Palmyra Palm Avenue, Double Coconut Avenue, Cabbage Avenue, Royal Palm Avenue, etc. A visitor will be guided by the large map at the entrance of the Peradeniya Royal Botanical Garden. Circuits are numbered 1 to 30 and therefore a visitor can explore all the area without missing any lane or avenue.

Landscaping of Royal Botanical Garden

Peradeniya Royal Botanical Garden is a safe place to visit with your family or relations. Peradeniya Botanical Garden Orchid farm is one of the most attractive places of the Kandy Botanical Garden. A visitor can buy some plants there if he/she likes. So, the plant nurseries are also there.

Spice garden of Peradeniya Royal Botanical Garden is a nice place to identify large number of native spices in Sri Lanka. Visitor also see some memorial trees in the Kandy Botanical Garden. All memorial trees are identified with a board near it, the day of planted, the reason planted, name of the planter, etc.

At the Peradeniya Royal Botanical Garden center, there is an artificial pond with number of aquatic plants. The suspension bridge across the Mahaweli River joins the Peradeniya Royal Botanical Garden and Gannoruwa Agricultural Research Center. So, the Flower Garden in Peradeniya is a stunning place a visitor have to visit during a tour in Kandy.

Tours cover Royal Botanical Garden

Here we are showing some Royal Botanical Garden visiting tour itineraries below. If you like to visit Royal Botanical Garden on any other tour in Sri Lanka we can arrange a customize tour for you.

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