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Samadhi Statue Anuradhapura

Samadhi Statue is in Mahamewna Uyana of Anuradhapura. This statue shows Dhyana Mudra. Almost every Buddhist in the world knows this pose of Dhyana Mudra in practicing meditation. Furthermore, this is the most abundant pose seeing among the Buddha statues.

In addition, Samadhi Statue Anuradhapura is 7 feet and 3 inches high. And made out of Granite (a type of limestone).

History of Samadhi Statue

As per the history Samadhi Statue Anuradhapura relates to 4th or 5th centuries. Furthermore, it relates to Abhayagiriya in Anuradhapura. Nevertheless, no one knows who built it but archaeologists believe that this is one of the four similar statues, which faced to the North, South, and West and East directions.

In 1886 English government ruled in Sri Lanka found this statue. At that time it was felt into the ground with a broken nose. In 1914 government reconstructed Samadhi Statue Anuradhapura and place in the position with a repaired nose.

Furthermore, we can believe that two gems attached to the eyes of the statue because of the presenting empty cavities in both eyes.

Archaeological department constructed a metal roof to care this statue from the rain. In the present Samadhi Statue Anuradhapura is a major worshiping place among the Buddhists who visit Anuradhapura ancient city.

An archaeologist Ananda Kumaraswami said that this statue is not an Indian art. Furthermore, he added that this is one of the original Sri Lankan image.

Features of Samadhi Statue Anuradhapura

Samadhi Statue Anuradhapura poses a deep meditation position of Lord Buddha at the enlightenment. In fact, this is the Samadhi pose as we say in the Buddhist doctrine.

All of the carvings on the statue to emphasize the features are very fine related to other Buddha statues of Sri Lanka an even in the world.

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