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Sri Lanka is an island. Because of surrounding Indian ocean we are rich with seafood. Fishermen are the most prominent groups of people in the nearby areas of the ocean. Fishermen use various techniques here in Sri Lanka. Some of them are still old but functioning. One of such old method of fishing is Stilt Fishing. Stilt Fishermen can be seen in the areas of Koggala and nearby.

History of Stilt Fishermen

No anyone can imagine how old this fishing style is. But they believe that the method of Stilt fishing comes from close areas such as Gandara and Matara. Anyway how it comes, presently it is an iconic in this area.

Technique of Stilt Fishing

Stilt fishermen first fix a strong wooden stick in the near shore of the sea. Then they tie a cross stick just below the top of the stand stick. After that fishermen only needs a fishing rod. It is easy and simple. They climb to the cross stick and sit there to fishing using the rods. For this type of fishing they only carry a simple bag.

Stilt fishing is a completely eco-friendly technique of fishing. But with many disadvantages, this could not be developed. Therefore they use this technique only to fulfill the daily needs. And some stilt fishermen sells the collected for their everyday money needs.

Tourist Experience of Stilt Fishing

If you want to see the stilt fishermen you have to go nearby Koggala area along the way from Galle to Matara. Remember to go along the normal road. If you like to get an experience of stilt fishing, you can do it yourself. Stilt fishermen are always ready to help you to do fishing on their stilts. It would be quite remarkable experience to you on your trip to Sri Lanka.

Tours cover Stilt Fishermen

Here we are showing some Stilt Fishermen visiting tour itineraries below. If you like to visit Stilt Fishermen on any other tour in Sri Lanka we can arrange a customize tour for you.

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