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Sri Lanka Holiday & Tour Packages 2023

Attractive Sri Lanka Round Tour Packages

Lanka Tour Experts” provides you many attractive Sri Lanka round tour packages. Therefore, a traveler can choose the best suiting tour package from a collection of 3 days in Sri Lanka to 14 days round tour packages. In addition to Sri Lanka round tour packages, we provide you several Sri Lanka day tour packages. These round tour packages cover the most popular places to visit in Sri Lanka.

Our detailed Sri Lanka Round Tour packages include many tours start from Colombo or Bandaranayake International Airport. Therefore, a traveler is able to start the tour from the arrival. All of our drivers are well experienced on our Sri Lanka tour destinations and accommodations as well. Furthermore, all of them are very friendly and flexible.

Facilities we provide for Sri Lanka Round Tours

A person who love to visit our country, we recommend him or her to select a Sri Lanka round tour. Therefore, we can cover best suitable places to visit in Sri Lanka on the round tour. If you are not planning to go around the country and you just only need to spend a one or two days, better to select one-day tour.

We are able to provide you vehicle, driver facilities, baby seats or any other traveling facility and accessories for your easy travel. Furthermore, if you request us for booking hotel accommodation, we will do it for you. If you are going for a round tour, you have to know about the site seeing tickets as well.

If the traveler has any hesitation or further assistance, our supporting team is on alert every time. Therefore, you can communicate with us easily via e-mails, Viber, WhatsApp, Messenger or imo. Otherwise, you can call us over the phone at any time.

Our willingness is to make your Sri Lanka round tour an enjoyable and satisfactory one to memorize you all the time. Therefore, we will serve you our best. You can click on the links at the end of this page to view the detailed descriptions of tours.

What do you need to bring for Sri Lanka Round Tour?

You have to bring your baggage for enough packaging for the days you travel. If you usually take some kind of medicine, you have to bring those with you. Because of some areas in Sri Lanka are a little embarrassing.

Before plan a Sri Lanka round tour, you have to suggest where you have to go and what you have to do. You can have lot of activities during these round tours. For examples, you can do white water rafting, trekking, hiking, cycling, surfing, safaris, camping, diving, snorkeling, canoeing, elephant or horse riding, bullock cart riding, kite surfing, swimming, relaxing, etc.

Things you can do in Sri Lanka Round Tour

You can do lot of things in Sri Lanka. You are able to do adventure tourism if you like. Hence, you can to trekking, hiking, cycling, swimming, diving, snorkeling, kayaking, canoeing, surfing, kite surfing, rafting and so many things.

In addition to the adventure tourism, you are able to do eco or nature tourism. You are able to do wildlife safaris in Sri Lanka. Hence, we have number of National Parks and Reservoirs, which are open for safaris. In addition to wildlife safaris, we can arrange you a special Sri Lanka round tour for bird watching, if you are a bird lover. Moreover, camping is one of the other joyful practice in eco-tourism. If you are going a Sri Lanka round tour, we can arrange you one or more camping experiences for you.

Furthermore, Sri Lanka is a good surfing place to surfing lovers. There are some special surf points around the country. We are able to arrange you a Sri Lanka round tour based on surfing according to your requisition.

In addition to all, Sri Lanka is a good destination for Whale watching and Dolphin watching. We have various tours including whale and dolphin watching.

Cultural Sri Lanka Round Tour

We have arranged Sri Lanka Round Tours according to cultural tourism. Hence, we arrange cultural triangle tours for cultural lovers. In fact, Sri Lanka has a colorful variation in her culture. Therefore, pre-arranged round tours designed including some cultural places to visit in Sri Lanka.

Ethnic variation of Sri Lanka is in a little bit of high. We can see a religious variation as same as to the ethnic variation. Main religion of Sri Lanka is Buddhism. Other popular religions are Hinduism, Islam, Catholic and Christian. Therefore, a visitor can have a good experience in visiting various religious places during Sri Lanka round tour.

Sri Lanka also provides agro-tourism to a traveler. As you know, the agro-tourism is depending on the agriculture. This is an agricultural country from the history. Therefore, you can see various ancient and newly built irrigation systems conversely.

Sri Lanka Round Tour with Home-Stay Tourism

Sri Lanka has a special trend of homestay tourism. You can include it within a Sri Lanka round tour if you like. Hence, you can stay with ordinary family and participate to their day-to-day life like, learning and helping cooking, farming, etc. From this, you can learn the ordinary life in Sri Lanka. In addition to home stay tourism, you can have an experience of village tours. We have some pre-designed Sri Lanka round tour packages including village tours like, Sigiriya Village Tour.

There are so many activities in addition to those, here in Sri Lanka. We can arrange you any of these including to a Sri Lanka round tour, if you requested.

We recommend you to make a Sri Lanka round tour. Because it will covers more destinations with a variety of tourism.

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