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Horton plains national park

Horton Plains is a marvelous land in Sri Lanka. This is a national park too. Moreover, this Park is very important according to the nature, wildlife and features. In addition to the biodiversity, this land is a historically valuable area.

You can find the famous Great World’s End tourist sight inside of this amazing national park. Horton plains also have an untouched cloud forest in one part of it. Furthermore, this is the topmost plains in Sri Lanka. It is in 1200-1300 meters above the sea level. Moreover, this is the only National Park of Sri Lanka in wet zone. The Horton Plains National Park is one of the major UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Sri Lanka.

Places to visit at Horton Plains

“Maha Eliya” was the first name of this site. A visitor has to walk about 5 hours to visit the most important places. You can visit to world’s end, mini world’s end, Baker’s falls, Chimney pool, Lap of Mutton pool and Governor’s pool during this trekking. You have two other optional roads beginning from the main gate of Horton Plains. Those who love to climb Kirigalpotta Mountain they can start it near the main gate. You can choose another climbing option. It is Thotapola Mountain.

During the trekking you will first see the mini world’ end. This is an attractive place to shoot some photos. Next, you can find the Baker’s falls. This little waterfall gets her name according to the Englishman, Samuel Backers. He mentioned this on his book, “THE RIFLE AND THE HOUND IN SRI LANKA”. Baker’s falls is in the Belihul oya. Next, you will find the Chimney pool. This is a beautiful place in Horton Plains.

Wildlife of the Horton Plains

24 mammal species are living in Horton Plains. In addition to mammals, there are 87 species of birds, nine species of reptiles and eight species of amphibians are living there. The most commonly seeing animal is sambar deer. They usually come near to people because to eat something. In addition to the sambar deer, we can find the most beautiful leopards in Horton Plains. They are beautiful because of the long hairy skin due to the cold. We can find leopards in other national parks of Sri Lanka, like the Yala National Park.

We can find the “Maha Rathmal” here and it is an endemic flora species to Sri Lanka. A yellow colored flowering plant find here heavily. This is an invasive plant. This plant is a major threat for other plants in Horton Plains. Park authority prohibits bringing, polythene, plastic and liquor inside to the Horton Plains.

So, you all are welcome to enjoy the extreme nature tracking experience in Horton Plains.

Tours cover Horton Plains National Park

Here we are showing some Horton Plains National Park visiting tour itineraries below. If you like to visit Horton Plains National Park on any other tour in Sri Lanka we can arrange a customize tour for you.

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