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Sea Turtle Farm Hatchery koggala

Koggala Turtle Hatchery: A Comprehensive Guide

Nestled along the serene coast of Koggala in Sri Lanka lies a beacon of hope for marine conservation – the Koggala Turtle Hatchery. Established with the noble aim of safeguarding the future of sea turtles, this sanctuary has become a must-visit destination for anyone interested in wildlife and environmental preservation. Journey to Koggala Koggala, a [...]
Sigiriya Village Tour and Traditional Sri Lankan Lunch

Sigiriya Village Tour and Traditional Sri Lankan Lunch

Nestled in the lush landscapes of Sri Lanka lies a village that time seems to have forgotten. Sigiriya, renowned for its iconic rock fortress, is home to a lesser-known yet equally captivating attraction: the Sigiriya Village Tour. This journey is not just a tour; it's a passage into the lifeblood of Sri Lankan culture and [...]
Dondra Head Lighthouse, Matara, Sri Lanka

Dondra Head Lighthouse

Discover the allure of Dondra Head Lighthouse, Sri Lanka's tallest lighthouse, located in the picturesque Dewinuwara, Southern Province. Just 6 km from Matara, this iconic structure stands as a testament to Sri Lanka's rich maritime history and stunning natural beauty. Historical Significance Constructed between 1887 and 1889, the Dondra Head Lighthouse is steeped in history. [...]
Nuwara Eliya City Tour - Guide for Explore Little England

Nuwara Eliya City Tour

Nuwara Eliya is a beautiful town in Sri Lanka's Hill Country, often called "Little England." It has a mix of old colonial charm and natural beauty. Come with us on a Nuwara Eliya city tour as we discover its amazing attractions, rich history, and exciting activities. Whether you love nature, adventure, or history, Nuwara Eliya [...]
Magnificent Galle Fort at sunset, epitomizing Sri Lanka's captivating history and architectural splendor - Galle Fort Tour Sri Lanka

Galle Dutch Fort Tour

Welcome to the captivating world of Galle Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage Site nestled along the southern coast of Sri Lanka. In this comprehensive guide, we invite you to embark on a journey through time and explore the enchanting charm of Galle Fort. With its rich history, awe-inspiring architecture, vibrant culture, and picturesque surroundings, a [...]
Herbs and Spices of Sri Lanka Economy Tours

Herbs and Spices of Sri Lanka

Herbs and spices are commonly bind with the name of Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan people used spices since long time ago. During the past and still in the present our country exports spices to the world. Even in the colonial time, we were famous around the world for spices. European countries identified us by the [...]
The Ultimate Sri Lanka Itinerary for 2 Weeks!

Lake Gregory Nuwara Eliya

Almost none of the Nuwara Eliya visitors miss the Lake Gregory. People visit not only in the April Summer Season, but also all over the year, to this amazing place for enjoy. Even in the evening, you may find large number of people enjoying the scenic beauty of the Lake Gregory in Nuwara Eliya. History [...]
Nine Arches Bridge Ella, Sri Lanka

Nine Arches Bridge in Ella

Nine Arches Bridge is one of the most picturesque structures build in the upcountry rail track. In the era of English ruling in Sri Lanka, they built the railway lines. The utmost part of this project was the upcountry rail track. English cultivators who came to Sri Lanka was established in the upcountry. They loved [...]
Kandalama Lake

Kandalama Reservoir (Kandalama Lake)

Agriculture of Sri Lanka is full filling its thirst from many water reservoirs, lakes and tanks. Kandalama is one of the reservoir located nearby Sigiriya Lion Rock. Sri Lanka Department of Irrigation created the Kandalama reservoir during 1952 to 1957. Kandalama Reservoir is a tribute of Kala Wewa Lake and along feeds from Mirisgoni Oya [...]
Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage - Sri Lanka Economy Tours

Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

Asian elephants are endangered due to the destruction of their living places. The situation is more blistering in Sri Lanka also. So, the elephant population is rapidly decreasing. Therefore government had to move for a preservation. In 1975 they stepped to it. Sri Lankan Department of Wildlife Conservation started a project of preserving elephants. Finally [...]
Kandy View Point - Kandy City Tour

Kandy City Tour

This will describe you about the Kandy City Tour. Kandy is in the Central Province of Sri Lanka. Especially this is the last Kingdom of Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan last king ruled in this place. A visitor can visit several special places here during the Kandy City Tour. Similarly this is like a day tour [...]
Peradeniya Royal Botanical Garden Sri Lanka Economy Tours

Peradeniya Royal Botanical Garden

Peradeniya Royal Botanical Garden is situated near Kandy. A traveler have to travel there by a vehicle or by bus. Visitor have to travel approximately 5.6 km from Kandy city to reach Peradeniya Park. Kandy botanical garden is situated near the Mahaweli River. This nice land was first used as a garden by the king [...]
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